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A Silent Crime 2024 Tamil Movie Download In HD isaimini

The Tamil film industry, renowned for its captivating narratives and diverse genres, has unveiled another gem in 2024 – “A Silent Crime.” This gripping thriller, shrouded in mystery and suspense, has garnered attention not only for its intriguing plot but also for its talented cast and crew. Let’s delve into the world of “A Silent Crime,” exploring its story, characters, release details, and critical reception.

Release DateJune 2024
DirectorArundev Malappuram
CastSarayu Mohan, Jayakrishnan, Kalabhavan Shajohn
Music byRam Sreejith

A Silent Crime 2024 Tamil Movie Download In HD isaimini

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  • ACP Dev Anand (Arundev Malappuram): A no-nonsense police officer known for his unwavering principles and meticulous approach. He shoulders the responsibility of cracking the case and uncovering the truth, regardless of the consequences.
  • Dr. Anjali Krishna (Sarayu Mohan): A brilliant psychiatrist with a keen eye for human behavior. She becomes entangled in the investigation, offering her expertise and unique perspective to aid Dev Anand.
  • Rajasekhar Menon (Kalabhavan Shajohn): The enigmatic victim, shrouded in secrets and hidden motives. His life and death become the central puzzle that drives the narrative forward.
  • Supporting Cast: A talented ensemble cast brings depth and intrigue to the story, each character serving as a piece in the complex puzzle of the crime.


The narrative revolves around a seemingly ordinary town jolted by a shocking crime. A prominent individual, respected and admired by the community, is found dead under mysterious circumstances. As the investigation unfolds, layers of deceit, hidden agendas, and personal conflicts begin to unravel. Enter ACP Dev Anand, a sharp and tenacious officer determined to uncover the truth behind the seemingly perfect facade. His pursuit of justice leads him down a labyrinthine path, encountering enigmatic characters and confronting unexpected revelations.

Box Office and Budget:

“A Silent Crime” is helmed by the acclaimed director, Prakash Rao, known for his masterful storytelling and ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The film boasts a talented writing team, with the screenplay penned by Radhakrishnan Nair and Meera Menon, ensuring a captivating narrative that unfolds with precision and suspense.

Final Thoreau:

“A Silent Crime” is more than just a murder mystery; it’s a exploration of human nature, delving into the complexities of relationships, motivations, and the masks we wear in society. The film leaves a lasting impact, prompting viewers to question appearances and ponder the true meaning of justice. If you’re seeking a Tamil film that offers a thrilling ride with thought-provoking elements, “A Silent Crime” is a must-watch.


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