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The Adamant Girl 2024 Tamil Movie Download In HD isaimini

The Adamant Girl (Kottukkaali), directed by P. S. Vinothraj, is a poignant Tamil drama set to premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival on February 16, 2024. With powerful performances by Soori and Anna Ben, the film delves into a complex social issue – caste prejudice – through the lens of a young woman’s unwavering spirit. Let’s explore the cast, story, budget, release details, and critical reception surrounding this highly anticipated film.

Release Date16 Feb, 2024
DirectorP.S. Vinothraj
WriterP.S. Vinothraj
CastSoori, Anna Ben
ProductionSK productions, The Little Wave Productions

Release Date and Trailer:

The world premiere is scheduled for February 16, 2024, at the Berlin International Film Festival. An official release date for India and other territories is yet to be announced. While a trailer hasn’t been released yet, teaser posters featuring Anna Ben with an evocative tagline – “Love will fight. Caste will resist. Who will win?” – have piqued audience interest.

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  • Soori: Known for his comedic roles, Soori takes on a more dramatic character in this film. Though details remain under wraps, his presence adds intrigue and the potential for nuanced conflict.
  • Anna Ben: Rising star Anna Ben delivers a powerful performance as Meena, the film’s titular adamant girl. Her portrayal of resilience and determination is sure to resonate with audiences.
  • Supporting Cast: The film boasts a talented supporting cast, including notable actors like Ilavarasan and Chetan. While their specific roles are unknown, their inclusion adds depth and dimension to the narrative.


Meena, a young woman, finds herself caught in the crosshairs of tradition and her own desires. Her love for a man from a lower caste sparks outrage within her family, who attribute her rebellious spirit to demonic possession. They resort to exorcism, attempting to erase her individuality and quell her defiance.

Meena, however, remains adamant. Refusing to conform to societal expectations, she fights for her right to love and choose her own path. The film explores themes of love, caste discrimination, family conflict, and the unwavering will of the human spirit.

Box Office and Budget:

As the film is yet to release, any estimations of box office collection would be purely speculative. However, the Berlinale selection and the acclaimed director and cast suggest potential for strong critical reception and audience interest. The film’s budget details are also unavailable, but considering the independent production and moderate cast size, it can be assumed to be mid-range.

Final Thoreau:

The Adamant Girl promises to be a powerful cinematic experience, tackling a relevant social issue with sensitivity and emotional depth. Soori’s dramatic turn, Anna Ben’s captivating performance, and the director’s vision make this film one to watch out for. While awaiting its official release, keep an eye out for the trailer and festival reviews to learn more about this highly anticipated Tamil drama.



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