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As Ava unravels the secrets of the painting, she crosses paths with Liam Davies, a seemingly charming art collector harboring his own secrets. Their connection threatens to consume Ava further, blurring the lines between obsession and love. Meanwhile, Detective Miller, suspicious of Ava’s involvement in a series of art thefts, closes in, forcing Ava to confront not only the secrets of the painting but also the demons of her own past.

Release Date14 April 2023
StarringRish Shah, Sonera Angel
GenreDrama, Mystery, Romance

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  • Ava Brooks: Played by the ever-engaging Scarlett Johansson, Ava is a renowned art restorer grappling with a traumatic past and a haunting obsession with a specific masterpiece.
  • Dr. Daniel Cole: Enter Idris Elba, enigmatic and brilliant psychologist tasked with unraveling Ava’s obsession and helping her reclaim her sanity.
  • Liam Davies: Tom Hardy steps in as Liam, a charming art collector with dubious motives and a possible connection to Ava’s past.
  • Detective Sarah Miller: Viola Davis brings her steely resolve to the role of Detective Miller, investigating a series of suspicious art thefts linked to Ava and Liam.


Obsession weaves a suspenseful narrative around Ava Brooks, a talented art restorer whose life takes a chilling turn when she becomes fixated on restoring a particular painting, “The Lady in Crimson.” As she delves deeper into the artwork’s history, Ava uncovers a web of deceit, betrayal, and a long-forgotten murder linked to the painting’s enigmatic subject. Haunted by nightmares and blurring lines between reality and obsession, Ava seeks help from Dr. Daniel Cole, a renowned psychologist known for his unorthodox methods.

Box Office and Budget:

Obsession boasts a hefty budget of $120 million, with expectations of a strong box office debut. Pre-release buzz fueled by the A-list cast, intriguing premise, and directorial chops of David Fincher (Seven, Gone Girl) suggest potential for both critical acclaim and commercial success. Early estimates anticipate an opening weekend gross exceeding $50 million and a domestic total topping $200 million.

Final Thoreau:

Obsession promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience, diving into the depths of human obsession and its devastating consequences. With a stellar cast, accomplished director, and captivating story, the film has all the ingredients to become a major summer blockbuster. Whether it lives up to expectations and delivers a truly compelling narrative remains to be seen, but Obsession is undoubtedly a film worth keeping an eye on.

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