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Operation Fortune movie

Released in March 2023, “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” promised an action-packed, comedic spy adventure with a stellar cast. Directed by Guy Ritchie, known for his fast-paced editing and witty dialogue, the film aimed to entertain with explosions, elaborate cons, and a healthy dose of celebrity satire. While it didn’t quite hit box office gold, “Operation Fortune” still offers a fun, albeit uneven, viewing experience.

Release Date04 May 2023
DirectorGuy Ritchie
StarringJason Statham, Aubrey Plaza
GenreAction, Comedy, Thriller

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  • Jason Statham takes on the mantle of Orson Fortune, a rough-around-the-edges yet skilled operative tasked with recovering a deadly weapons technology. Statham channels his signature tough-guy persona effectively, delivering action sequences with his usual grit and deadpan humor.
  • Aubrey Plaza brings her sarcastic wit to Sarah Fidel, Fortune’s tech-savvy second-in-command. Their contrasting personalities provide comedic sparks throughout the film.
  • Hugh Grant sheds his usual charming persona to play the villainous Greg Simmonds, a billionaire arms dealer with a penchant for luxury and theatrics. Grant relishes the opportunity to be deliciously sleazy, adding a layer of camp to the film.
  • Josh Hartnett portrays Danny Francesco, a washed-up Hollywood action star recruited for the mission due to his resemblance to a key player. Hartnett plays up the absurdity of the situation, delivering a self-aware performance that’s both funny and surprisingly poignant.


Fortune and his team must infiltrate the glitzy world of arms deals and celebrity auctions to prevent Simmonds from selling the dangerous technology. The mission involves elaborate disguises, high-stakes poker games, and even a fake movie production. While the plot itself isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it provides a framework for the film’s action, humor, and character interactions.

“Operation Fortune” explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the allure of wealth and fame. It satirizes the Hollywood machine and the dark side of wealth accumulation, adding a layer of social commentary to the action-comedy mix.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite its star power and pedigree director, “Operation Fortune” underperformed at the box office. While it wasn’t a major flop, it didn’t quite meet expectations, potentially overshadowed by other action releases and comedies at the time.

Critical reception was mixed. Some praised the film’s humor, action sequences, and charismatic cast, while others found the plot predictable and the comedic tone uneven.

Final Thoreau:

Ultimately, “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” is a fun, albeit flawed, film. If you’re looking for a mindless action comedy with a dash of social commentary and a stellar cast, this movie might be worth a watch. However, if you’re expecting a groundbreaking spy thriller, you might be disappointed.

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